After Effects Master Properties

Use Essential Properties to create intuitive Motion Graphics templates.

In this video we learn how to use Master Properties in After Effects. We're going to explore the brand new After Effects feature called Master Properties, w. If you use Master Properties in AE I would recommend you DO NOT update to 17.1.4. I updated this morning and experienced issues with master properties not displaying the correct name, as well as multiple crashes which I suspect were related to master properties as well. With After Effects 2020, expressions in master properties have been so much improved that you can now forget all these issues, and replace the expressions connecting the controllers with them. With Master Properties and Duik, you will be able to use one single rigged composition to create as many animations as you wish, in one single After Effects project! Without duplicating the rigged composition, which will be some kind of reference, you will be able to use it as a precomposition in several animation compositions.

Open the Master Properties of any other precomp and change those settings to customize that graphic. To change any customized setting back to the original settings from the master comp, click the Pull from Master Comp button to pull the settings from the master comp back into the customized graphic.

After effects master properties

Essential Properties work as primary controls that allow you to access layer and effect properties of a composition when it is nested in another composition. This can be time-saving when you build complex animations across multiple nested compositions as you don't have to open separate precompositions to view their properties. Essential Properties can override their original values and keyframes, which allows you to reuse the same composition as multiple instances with different values.The source composition remains the same, your edits only create instances that you can render after editing your comp. Refer to the Glossary of terms for a list of terms used to explain Essential Properties.

To create Essential Properties, in the Essential Graphics panel, add properties from a nested composition, or nest the composition (Layer > Precompose) after you add the properties. For more information on the property types supported by the Essential Graphics panel, see Types of supported controls. Once you nest the composition, the Timeline panel displays the Essential Properties group of the precomposition layer.

The core workflow to create Essential Properties is similar to how you create controls for a Motion Graphics template. The difference is how you use the properties - whether you use the essential properties on a precomposition in After Effects or on a Motion Graphics template in Premiere Pro.

Refer to the glossary of terms (existing and new) to understand the commonly used terms when you work with compositions and Essential Properties:

Nest: To place a composition inside other composition.

Precomposition: A composition that is nested inside another composition in a project.

Parent composition and Child composition hierarchy

When a composition, for example - Comp A is placed inside another composition, for example - Comp B, Comp A becomes the Parent composition which contains Comp B - the Child composition.

A composition you set as Primary in the Essential Graphics panel is the Primary composition. For a primary composition, when you add a layer or effect property from the Timeline to the Essential Graphics panel, the property is called the Essential

The layer or effect property that a essential property refers to.

An essential property of a precomposition when the source property is not modified

An Essential Property of a precomposition when the source property is modified.

To change the value, keyframe, or expression of an expression property on a precomposition.

Linked properties - When you nest a primary composition, the Essential Properties of that precomposition link to the source properties. For example, if Comp B is nested in Comp A, the effect and layer properties of Comp B are the source properties. From Comp B, the properties that you add to the Essential Graphics panel are the Essential Properties. When you modify the source properties, essential properties of the precomposition also change.

Unlinked properties - When you modify Essential Properties of the precomposition, however, they become unlinked. Unlinking creates an instance of the primary composition. You can modify both the essential properties and the source properties independently.

When you modify an Essential Property, it overrides the value or keyframes of the source property. The precomposition is a unique instance of the primary composition and only this instance renders with the modified value or keyframes.

Masters properties llc

When you modify a essential property, the Pull and Push buttons in the Timeline panel are enabled, and the name of the essential property turns bold. These are the indications that a property is unlinked.

The Pull and Push buttons relink an essential property with the source property. There are Pull and Push buttons for each essential property, and for the entire Essential Properties group.

After Effects Master PropertiesAfter Effects Master Properties
  • Pull discards the modified value, keyframes, and expression of a essential property.
  • Push applies the modified value, keyframes, and expression of a essential property to the source property.

After you click either the Pull or Push button, essential properties again link to their source properties, and disable the Pull and Push buttons.

A. Linked Essential Properties (Pull & Push buttons disabled) B. Unlinked Essential Properties (Pull & Push buttons enabled)

When you push a modified essential property back to source property, all instances of the same primary composition are updated if the same essential property is linked. For example, you create a primary composition for a credit roll and nest it multiple times, and modify the color essential property on only one of the precompositions. When you push the new color value back to source value, all instances of the primary composition render with the new color value.

  • To relink multiple Essential Properties of a precomposition with their source properties:

Select the specific essential properties and click the Pull or Push button on the Essential Properties group.

  • To relink all essential properties of a precomposition with their source properties:

Deselect all Essential Properties in the Timeline panel and click the Pull or Push button on the Essential Properties group.

In the context of a parent composition, you cannot use the Type tools to modify Source Text essential properties in the Composition panel.

To modify the text string of a Source Text essential property, do either of the following:

  • Right-click the Source Text essential property and select Edit Value. Edit the text string in the dialog, then click OK.
  • Apply an expression to the Source Text essential property. Ensure to include double quotes around the new string. For example, 'She sells seashells by the sea shore.'

From the course: After Effects CC 2019 Essential Training: Motion Graphics

From the course: After Effects CC 2019 Essential Training: Motion Graphics

Course Transcript

- [Instructor] Master Properties are a great new workflow addition to After Effects and can dramatically change how you work. They work along with the Essential Graphics panel and offer users a method for both overriding and versioning. This means that we can tweak existing animation non-destructively and create different versions of an animation without having to create duplicate compositions first. Let me show you what I mean. In this example, I have a box, and I'm going to animate it moving from left to right. So with layer one selected, I'll hit p and insert a keyframe. Down at one second later, I'm going to nudge this over to the right-hand side. And here's our simple animation. Now I'd like to take this Position parameter and add into my Essential Graphics panel. If you don't already have this open, you can find it here under Window, Essential Graphics. Now I'm going to define the master comp here by selecting my Box Move from this drop-down list, and now I can add my Position…

After Effects Master Properties

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After Effects Master Properties

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